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My experience with Facebook ad campaigns has shown that they are highly effective at generating website traffic, leads, conversions, and revenue for our clients. Let’s have a look at some of the results that have been generated with our Facebook ad campaigns one by one.

Facebook Ads case study

I am thrilled to present a case study showcasing the outstanding results of one of our clients who employed our Facebook ad campaign services. Our service-based company client saw phenomenal results from their ad campaign.

Here’s a breakdown of the data:

  • Result – 63
  •  Reach – 17,738
  •  Impressions – 35,108
  •  Cost per result – $5.82
  •  Amount spent – $390.86
  •  Budget- $13 daily
  •  Net revenue – $13,500

With just a spend of $390.86, I achieved incredible results, with each conversion resulting in an average of $1,500 in revenue. These numbers showcase the immense value that our Facebook ad campaigns can bring to our clients’ businesses.

Through my successful Facebook ad campaign, I generated 63 high-quality leads for our client’s service-based company. Of those leads, 55 booked calls, and 9 converted into paying customers, resulting in a total revenue of $13,500 approx.

Let’s talk about another client story!

We helped a dog training company run a Facebook ad campaign that resulted in 39 leads, with 27 calls booked and 7 clients converted. The campaign had a reach of 20,925 and 38,346 impressions, with a cost per result of $14.49 and a total spend of $576.69, within a daily budget of $20.
The best part? This campaign generated approximately $9,100 in revenue, resulting in an average conversion value of $1,300. This proves that with minimal spend, our client was able to secure a significant number of new customers.
Check out these impressive results achieved by our clients in the past 30 days! You too can enjoy exceptional Facebook ad outcomes for your business with our expert Facebook Ad Campaigns.
Our team conducts thorough market and business analyses for each client, creating customized ad campaigns to help them achieve the best possible outcomes. See for yourself the number of leads our clients have received with our ad campaigns!

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