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Pro Carpet Cleaning’s Ad Campaign Delivers £10k In Sales Every Month

About The ClientPro Carpet Cleaning provide professional carpet cleaning services to commercial and domestic clients throughout South East England.  IndustryCarpet Cleaning  Services ProvidedGoogle Ads management


Consolidating locations

We started work on consolidating small location campaigns and adding them into new location campaigns which targeted a larger geographic area. This meant every new campaign we launched would benefit from being able to generate more clicks and lead opportunities. It also helped reduce the inefficiency of trying to manage 100+ different campaigns with minimal data.

After consolidating all the location campaigns, we were left with 20 campaigns which were all specific to the different areas.

Service based keywords

To stop wasting Ad budget on poor quality traffic, we chose new keywords to target. These new keywords were all focused on containing words such as “service” and “company”. This simple addition helped qualify the intent of the users search as someone looking for a professional to help them. 

Campaigns were broken down into 2 different Ad groups, Intent and locations. This allowed us to target the high volume “near me” keywords and pick up traffic for all the different location keywords as well.

Localised landing page

With the website converting visitors at 2.67%, we opted to design a custom landing page for PCC to improve the website’s ability to convert traffic into leads. This meant we could increase the number of leads we generated without having to spend more on Ad budget. 

The landing page was built using the following structure:

  • Hero section with quote form 
  • Cleaning packages table
  • Common stains
  • Before and afters
  • How it works / process
  • Testimonials


  • 579 new enquiries in 2 months
  • £22,500 revenue generated
  • £45,000 quoted
  • 75% of leads marked as quotable
  • 73% decrease in cost per lead (£14.24 cost/conv. down from £51.92)
  • 19.25% landing page conversion rate (2.6% previously)